For several years I have wanted to travel more than a quick one or two week vacation would accomplish. I wanted to be able to take the time to really experience the area I was visiting, whether is was a world acclaimed national park or a little community down a two lane road.

How to make this happen? I looked at a multitude of options until my head began to spin – over selection of options can be an ugly thing!  I put off thinking about final choices for a couple years & made the decision to just live on my motorcycle for a while. This decision came shortly before I took early retirement from a small TV station in the Dallas area.

My big plan consisted of getting rid of a bunch of stuff, put some stuff in storage, get a small motorcycle trailer to pull behind my motorcycle and travel. It took a little over a year to pull it all together, but I did. Living on the road was beyond AWESOME!

Then something happened…I was in a catastrophic motorcycle accident. I came to at the bottom of a 30 foot drop off in rural Wyoming with multiple compound fractures to my lower left leg, crushed upper left arm, 2 fractured ribs, punctured lung, fractured pelvis & hip. I was airlifted to Swedish Medical Center near Denver where I stayed for 31 days. They put me back together in a way that is truly miraculous. However, it was obvious I would not be back on a motorcycle or sleeping in a tent any time soon.

My dear friend Masyn had just downsized from a full size school bus to a short bus. Since I was staying with Masyn after my hospital adventure, this gave me a good opportunity to study her bus and visualize what I could do with a 98 sq. foot home.  I decided to give it a go.

You know it’s right when the pieces come together so perfectly.

A bus just like Masyn’s was advertised on Craigslist there in the Denver area at the same time another friend’s bike broke down literally as he pulled into Masyn’s back yard. Chris Thompson is well know & loved in the chopper circles & just happens to be an excellent Diesel mechanic.  And there he was, available and willing to help me go over the bus to make sure it was mechanically sound. He did, it was & I became a shorty owner!

There were a few communication hiccups during the original renovation process, but that is all behind me now.  I started the real renovation to my tiny home in November ’16 & have made great progress in the last few months. It is really starting to feel like “home.”