I am at Rock & Roll Fantasy Band Camp. I do not play an instrument, I don’t even know proper music terminology, but here I am rubbing elbows with some of the greatest Rock musicians of our time. Yes, this adventure is different!

My friend Bob is blind. Bob is also a damn good drummer. So here I am here in Hollywood, California hanging out with legends.  A few months ago Bob asked me if I would be willing to tag along with him while he attended the Rock & Roll Fantasy Band Camp.  It is a very easy “gig” as long as I don’t let him walk into walls or traffic or fall down stairs.

I didn’t plan to participate or even meet people, I planned to be available to escort Bob where he needed a set of eyes and then be my usual wallflower self staying out of the way. Ha! First of all, you simply can NOT be part of Blind Bob’s entourage (even if it is just me) and be a wallflower. They are mutually exclusive concepts and activities.  Secondly, the folks who put on the Band Camp are all so warm and friendly that it has become impossible for me to be “invisible.”  I am immersed in that whole “never met a stranger” on a grand scale.  So here I am having the time of my life meeting people that others only dream of shaking their hand or getting to have a selfie with.

If Rock & Roll is your thing, please check out these camps. David Fishof & his entire team do an outstanding job making their Fantasy Camps extraordinary experiences for the attendees…even the wallflower over here in the corner. Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp