Yes, It is a BIG DEAL!   I am proud to say I shot the Cover Bike for the 20th Anniversary Issue of Cycle Source Magazine, April 2017. It is on newsstands now, so grab a copy.  And help me CELEBRATE being part of an awesome milestone in Motorcycle history.  Once you get a copy, you better check out the Vulture and the genius Fabricator who brought it back to life.

Bryan Henke is THE MAN! He & his beautiful sweetheart DeAnna are also a good friends to me, thanks to that bike and some mutual friends who made the connection happen. Don’t you just love how life falls into place like that? In the Six Degrees of Separation, I think we skipped 4 or 5, but who cares? Bryan is also the genius brain and brawn who created the deck on back of the Horney Toad. I will share more on THAT Epic build later.

Other news: As of this writing, I am still in Southern California being the Seeing Eye Chick for Blind Bob. We head back to our respective homes on Tuesday. That means I will be back to work on the Toad by Wednesday or Thursday. I will be back at COTA for another RideSmart Track Day shoot next weekend & possibly headed to Daytona after that. BUSY TIME of YEAR for the Toad, the Flyer and me.

Happy Trails Y’all!